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We believe that education is the road to peace. Across all of our programming, in middle school, high school and at university campuses, we instill a desire for people to come together. But more than that, we are taking action to bring people together. Take a look below at the work of StandWithUs Peacemakers!


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Making a difference for all our futures.


The People’s
Abraham Accords

As people in the Middle East and around the world, “We, the undersigned, embrace our shared humanity. Despite differences and divisions, we come together in support of peace between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, and others in the region. We believe mutual respect, normalization, and cooperation are the key to a more just and peaceful future.”

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Thank you to those who have signed 

The People’s Abraham Accords

UK Peace Week

Peace Week, designed to combat anti-Israel misinformation, is a movement created by students enrolled in the StandWithUs UK’s Emerson Fellowship. Each year this grassroots campaign takes place in March on campuses all over the UK to promote peace and reconciliation within Israel and between Israel and its neighbours in the region.


Peace Week 2021 was held virtually, from the 8th to the 12th of March, with students from universities and 6th forms across the UK uniting to foster peace!


Know Your Neighbor

Know Your Neighbor will connect between students in Israel and the United Arab Emirates, through a series of online meetings. The participants will be exposed to different cultures and get to know each other in depth. This is a historic and unique opportunity that will create partnership and strong personal connections between neighboring nations. We believe our project will build peace from the ground up, from the heart of the countries - their citizens. The project will take place in the Summer of 2021!

The Abraham Accords
Youth Forum

Abraham Accords Student Forum — Coming Summer 2021 — In a first collaboration of its kind, StandWithUs and the National Union of Israeli students, will form the Abraham Accords Student Forum. This forum will bring together student leaders from the UAE and Israel and will create a series of gatherings, virtually and physically. Each year, the participants of the forum will meet in a concluding delegation in the UAE or Israel and engage with local leaders. Upon graduation, the students will be expected to continue the relationship and enhance them in their future careers. This initiative will be supported by official bodies in Israel, such as the Ministry of Education, thus enabling official ties with the UAE Youth Ministry.



CookWithUs brought teenagers from different cultures, countries and backgrounds together through food and family stories via one-on-one zoom sessions! 


The participants — between the ages of 15-17 — shared a recipe that had significance to their culture or background. They cooked, baked, got to know each other and ate what they made, while discussing the fun new things they learned. Our goal was to bring teenagers from different countries together through baking, cooking, recipes and family stories.

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