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15 American-Jewish Leaders on how to bridge the divide between Israel and the Diaspora


December 10, 2020

Last Tuesday, the Israeli Knesset held a special hearing of the Knesset Education Committee for what it designated as “Diaspora Day,” an event to “bring the voices and experiences of world Jewry into the halls of the Knesset and Israeli society.” It got us thinking: What do we wish Israelis interested in bridging the divide with the Diaspora would learn from our leaders and influencers?

We reached out to Jewish American professors, rabbis, and activists across the ideological spectrum for their thoughts. 15 wrote back. Here’s what they had to say:

Roz Rothstein, co-founder and CEO StandWithUs: Many American Jews still don’t really know Israelis or understand Israel’s remarkable story. It’s mainly our responsibility in America to get better at inspiring our community to connect, but Israelis can also help bridge the divide. It starts with learning how to share their stories and connection to the Jewish people in a way that is relevant, so they can build relationships with American Jews of different ages and backgrounds. We need more inspiring exchange programs going in both directions to facilitate these relationships.

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