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36 Hours in Brussels

The Times of Israel

Kiki Hausdorff

July 20, 2019

With antisemitism rising across Europe on all sides of the political spectrum, it is vital that those opposing this hatred unite. And where better than in Brussels, the centre of European politics?

I had the great pleasure of attending the 7-8th July 2019 Countering Antisemitism Conference kindly organized by the European Jewish Association, the European Centre for Jewish Students and Europe Israel Public Affairs.

Kiki Hausdorff studied Law at the University of Oxford, where she also served as President of the Oxford Israel Forum. Though born and raised in London, her family has lived in the Land of Israel for eight generations. She is an experienced public speaker with an interest in highlighting trends in anti-Zionism and antisemitism. Kiki gained recognition through her work as a writer and presenter for J-TV, her incisive videos having garnered half a million views. She served as a StandWithUs Fellow and is currently training to qualify as a barrister in London.

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