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A letter to a ‘pro-Palestinian protester’

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

By: Lilia Gaufberg | The Times of Israel | November 15, 2023

Dear ‘Pro-Palestinian protester,’

How we rallied for Israel in DC says everything you need to know about who is on the side of justice, freedom, and human rights…and who is not.

Our gathering for Israel in DC was one of unity, of celebrating life, of longing for peace, of urging for dignity. At our gathering, we lifted each other up.

Our gathering was Christians holding hands with gay rights activists, religious Jews holding hands with secular Jews, all wrapped in Israeli flags, all singing HaTikvah in unison.

At our gathering, we held up posters of those savagely taken hostage by Hamas, posters of Israeli Jews, of Thai nationals, of Bedouin Muslims. It didn’t matter who was on our posters. We were desperate for ALL of them to return home.


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