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ILTV - SWU Israel Discussing Social Media Efforts During Gaza Conflict in November, 2019.

November 17, 2019

WATCH: “The War Online”: Michael Dickson, Executive Director of StandWithUs Israel, visited the ILTV studio to discuss how StandWithUs and our followers utilized social media platforms to show the world what was really happening when Islamic Jihad fired hundreds of rockets into southern Israel, educating millions with live updates.

As soon as the rockets began at 6am, StandWithUs' Digital Team - operating out of the Jerusalem office - was among the first organizations to deliver constant 24/7 updates about the security escalation that reached millions of people worldwide.

Approximately 3,000 people joined 12 different SWU WhatsApp groups created by SWU. Thousands of followers shared dozens of posts and helped spread information in 5 continents in 5 different languages: Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, English, and Hebrew.

Many of the media outlets in the follower's respective countries either partially cover the situation, distort facts or do not report on it. SWU received many messages of support from people in places including Amsterdam, Hong Kong and South Africa who have family in Israel.

StandWithUs WhatsApp groups:

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