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Israeli Technion Will Make a Stop in Los Angeles for 2019 Tour

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From Left: Tamar Rott Shaham and Dmitry (Dima) Glinets. Photos provided by Miller Ink.

Israeli Technion will once again visit Los Angeles as part of its yearly U.S. tour to spread awareness of Israel’s latest technological advances and start up culture.

For more than 25 years, students have traveled to the U.S. on behalf of the American Technion Society to meet with supporters, and share their Technion experiences and studies.

They are the ambassadors for the Technion, Israel and the ATS.

Two tours are happening simultaneously and both kick off Feb. 19. One runs through March 5, which goes to New York, Detroit, San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco and Seattle. The other which ends March 2, stops in New York, Miami, Houston and Chicago.

One of the tours will be in Los Angeles from Feb. 23-Feb. 26.

Tamar Rott Shaham is one of the two ambassadors making an appearance in Los Angeles to share how she is actively participating in advancing women in technology.

Shaham, a second generation Technion alum, received the Cederbaum Fellowship in 2016 and is already accomplished in the fields of image processing and computer vision. In 2018 she received the KLA Award for distinguished paper, the Freud Award for outstanding female doctoral students and Women in Computer Vision International Travel Grant.

A year ago, Shaham co-founded the women in electrical engineering forum known as “WomEE,” which helps advance women in technology from childhood through academic and industrial leadership.

She is also working on initiating a summer school for young girls in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

“I feel highly committed to promoting excellence in teaching standards, as well as educating for values such as pluralism and mutual respect among all people,” she said in a statement. “I hope to further contribute to society, both by conducting innovative research and creating novel technology and maintaining my social activities. I feel the Israeli academia is a great place to do so.”

Technion Faculty of Materials Engineering student, Dmitry (Dima) Glinets will also be a part of the Los Angeles Technion stop.

In 2017, Glinets was an Israeli Delegate to the United Nations 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Bangkok, where he was one of 20 delegates out of 900 chosen to be part of the Symposium’s leadership team.

At Technion he serves as a class representative and mentor for freshman students in the faculty.

“Being Technion’s emissary, being able to share my story and make friendships with so many great colleagues from all over the world, fills my heart with great pride,” he said in a statement.

Dima did his military service in the IDF International Media Department, where he served as a Public Diplomacy Specialist. After his service, Dima worked briefly with the Rape Crisis Center before starting at the Technion in October 2015. He also took part in the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship program, which trains students on six different Israeli campuses to become an advocate for Israel.

Glinets hopes to pursue an MBA degree in the United States and become a leader in Israel’s tech economy.

“The greater goal of my career is to serve the state of Israel in diplomacy field as well as technology and business.”

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