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Meet the 'Abraham Accords Youth Forum', peacemakers of the future

Jerusalem Post

January 7, 2021

Tevel, StandWithUs's Israeli high school leadership program, held the first meeting of the "Abraham Accords Youth Forum" on Tuesday.

The forum involves a series of virtual meetings in which Israeli youth meet with their counterparts from countries that Israel has signed peace agreements in the past year, such as the UAE, and soon, other Gulf and Arab countries.

It included 100 of Tevel program participants from different parts of Israel.

Tevel students hosted the Future Generation Representatives of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel to the United Nations (UN). Many students exchanged questions about life in the UAE and Israel, as well as questions regarding diplomacy and peacemaking.

In Hebrew, Tevel is an acronym for תכנית בינלאומית למנהיגות ודיפלומטיה ציבורית, meaning the International Program for Leadership and Public Diplomacy. The purpose of the program is to empower Israeli high school students to fight antisemitism globally and to better represent their country and reach out to people around the world.

"Israelis are so excited about the development of the Abrahamic Agreements, and we have seen tens of thousands of visitors to Dubai," said Tevel director Alon Sternberg.

"We are working to create more ties between young people, including in other countries that have signed Abraham Accords. This is a really special time. "

“I had the pleasure of being a part of this amazing event and meeting other very enthusiastic young people," said Muhammad Al-Wahdi, a member of the Future Generation Representatives of the UAE to the UN.

"Knowledge is the key to success. We, the youth of today, are the leaders of tomorrow, and we must work together for a bright future - our future. "

"At StandWithUs, our motto has always been that education is the way to peace," said Executive Director, StandWithUs Israel Michael Dickson.

"It is making peace on a human level - peace between people - to meet each other, learn together and ensure that the next generation keeps the promise of the Abraham Accords."

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