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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

The outrageous February 10, 2022 request by The Rights Forum for Dutch universities to disclose ties between their staff members and Jewish and Israeli organizations is dangerously antisemitic and underscores the unquestionably discriminatory nature of boycott campaigns against Israel. The inclusion of not only Israeli organizations but also Jewish groups is shocking, as it draws on historic antisemitic conspiracy theories charging the world’s Jews with a devious plan to control societal institutions and alleging that they maintain an inappropriate identity and/or loyalty to the State of Israel. Reports of the universities’ immediate efforts to comply with the request are equally disturbing. This kind of request should have instantly raised red flags, as it is reminiscent of the Nazi “black lists” that identified individuals, including Jews, to be investigated for various “crimes” against the political regime. Actions like this serve to marginalize and threaten one segment of the population based on their identity. At a time when education about the atrocities of the Holocaust, including the events leading up to it, is sorely lacking, this kind of request is a stark reminder of how the darkest events and consequences of history can be repeated if future generations ignore them. We implore the leaders of these universities to take all available measures to quash this dangerously antisemitic request and educate their communities to reject anti-Jewish bigotry.

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