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StandWithUs Condemns Recent Displays of Hinduphobia in UK

September 21, 2022 (London, UK)

StandWithUs strongly condemns the recent campaigns of gang violence, vandalism, and intimidation that have targeted members of the Hindu community, their homes, and their temples throughout Leicester and Smethwick. As Hinduphobia remains rife throughout the UK, StandWithUs extends its sympathies and support to the Hindu community at these troubling times.

These intimidation campaigns, arguably fueled by misinformation, have resulted in members of mobs surrounding Hindu temples, removing saffron flags from a Hindu home and temple (and on some occasions, even burning them), vandalizing cars, and even attempting assaults. The recent campaigns of anti-Hindu bigotry invoke familiar memories of recent incidents of antisemitism in the UK, whose number of reported incidents hit a record high in 2021. Hate and misinformation beget hate, and continue to mutually detriment both the Hindu and Jewish communities. It is no coincidence that notorious antisemite Mohammed Hijab has now played a role in rowling the masses in Leicester. Hijab, who once threatened to kill Zionists’ dogs, once also reportedly led a mob where some members were alleged to have chanted “we will find some Jews” and “we want the Zionists” and “we want their blood.” Hijab has now resurfaced in Leicester. He has called Hindus "gangsters," ridiculed their faith, and threatened them if they dare to protest again. StandWithUs condemns all Hinduphobic forces currently at play in the UK—whether Islamist, nationalist, or other in nature. It implores the UK and all other pluralistic democracies to take adequate action to ensure better protection against discrimination based on religion and national-origin that continues to plague Hindu and Jewish communities at alarming rates.


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