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StandWithUs ‘Jerusalem LIVE’ Tours, awarded UJIA grant

(London, England -- June 29, 2020) -- StandWithUs UK is proud to announce that the StandWithUs “Jerusalem LIVE” tour programme has been selected as a recipient of the UJIA 2020 Summer Engagement Fund. Established as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s harsh effect on annual UK Jewish summer programmes, the Summer Engagement Fund ensures “that there are creative, exciting and engaging things for young people and families to do this summer that connect them to their Jewish identity and to Israel.”

Jerusalem LIVE’ is a unique interactive online tour programme broadcast in real-time from Jerusalem’s most famous sites. Harnessing a blend of history, storytelling, and trivia. ‘Jerusalem LIVE’ tours are guided by Yoni Zierler – the director of the StandWithUs strategic tourism department ‘Discover’, and a master tour guide whose live tours on Facebook have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of viewers. Throughout the tour, participants have the chance to ask questions, share their thoughts, and even send notes to be placed in the Western Wall by the StandWithUs Israel team.

Yoni Zierler said “StandWithUs Discover provides the opportunity to introduce people from all over the world to the many sides of Israel. With people not being able to physically learn about the country’s biblical history, modern-day miracles, diverse culture and innovative accomplishments Israel has to offer, we are able to virtually showcase these elements of Israel during these trying times. We are proud to have developed an innovative platform that brings the real streets of Jerusalem to all who are unable to visit, allowing us to continue our critical educational mission even in these challenging times. We are grateful to UJIA for their assistance, which will enable us to bring Jerusalem to communities, youth groups, schools and others throughout the UK.”

Sara Sherrard, Executive Director of StandWithUs UK, added: "We are extremely grateful to UJIA for choosing to help fund our project. It is one that the whole StandWithUs team, both in the UK and in Israel are extremely excited about. Whilst nothing can replace being in Israel in person, StandWithUs are able to bring direct in to homes across the UK, a taste of what we are all craving, a little piece of Israel. To be able to facilitate that for schools, youth movements, communities and even family’s missing out on their summer holiday, is heartwarming."

Mr Appleman, Deputy Headteacher at JFS commented “Whether you are reminding yourself of old memories or creating new ones, this tour is a must. Don’t miss out. I was privileged to participate in one of the StandWithUs tours and recommend them wholeheartedly. Interesting, educational, funny, enjoyable and moving. The perfect way to connect with our home away from home”.


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