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StandWithUs Proudly Joins Coalition Letter to Tufts University Regarding Dental Student

StandWithUs has written to Tufts about Adam Elayan, a Tufts dental student with an alleged long history of violent, antisemitic statements on Twitter. Recently, StandWithUs proudly joined a coalition letter signed by 12 organizations.

The coalition letter pointed out that Tufts’ administration has indicated that “we are following a rigorous process and will take appropriate action,” but has yet to address if this “process” has completed. Mr. Elayan’s purported comments specifically target Jews, Israelis and Zionists, call for violence against Jews, express hatred toward Jews and Zionists, and convey antisemitic conspiracy theories. While Mr. Elayan has since either deleted or made these accounts private, and therefore unaccountable, collectively these reported sentiments are egregious for a student aspiring to provide dental health services to the general public, particularly to Jewish or Israeli patients.


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