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The StandWithUs Saidoff Legal Department proudly offers the following presentations as webinars or in person. 
Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit available. 

Know Your Rights

An in-depth look at current legal issues impacting Jewish and pro-Israel students, faculty, and community members in the United States. We focus on examples of antisemitism and anti-Israel activity nationwide and what constitutional and other rights may be invoked. This presentation aims to empower individuals to identify and enforce their rights as Jews and/or Zionists, and to know that StandWithUs Legal is here to help them. Available for students (middle school, high school, or college), lawyyers, and community members.  


Strategies to Combat Online Hate 

This empowering session provides real-world tools for online antisemitism and anti-Zionism. We will explore best practices for identifying and responding to online hate, including: what free speech means in an online context; recognition of online antisemitism as an impermissible bias in society; what to do when antisemitic posts violate corporate policy or criminal laws; how to respond to influencers and friends posting disinformation or misinformation about Israel; how to avoid having your account flagged for posting Zionist content, etc. Participants will come away with an understanding of online antisemitism, legal tools, and responsive strategies. Available for students, lawyers, and community members. CLE Elimination of Bias credit available. 


University Giving in a Time of Rising Antisemitism

This session will discuss best practices and suggested legal options for donors giving to universities against a backdrop of rising antisemitism. We will explore case studies and focus on how best to protect donor intent in giving. This empowering session provides legal tools and strategies for anyone considering a gift to a university. Available for lawyers and community members. 

The Legal Landscape of Antisemitism Today

This presentation addresses recent manifestations of antisemitism—including when anti-Israel activity is antisemitic; how antisemitism manifests impermissible bias in society; and how we can work together to combat the world's oldest hatred through legal tools. Available for students, lawyers, and community members. CLE Elimination of Bias credit available.


Answering Tough Questions About Israel Under International Law

This presentation reviews core concepts of international law and then addresses those questions most asked about Israel under international law, such as whether settlements are legal, what is a disputed territory, what is a refugee, etc. Available for students, lawyers, and community members.


Free Speech and Antisemitism

This presentation looks at whether speech is protected or crosses the line into