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Student Conference - March 2-5
Community Conference - March 4-5

Conference Highlights


The StandWithUs International Conference: Israel In Focus will provide an incredible platform for participants around the world to learn, network, and share ideas. Together, we will discuss our CHALLENGES, embrace our OPPORTUNITIES, and build our RESILIENCE. This conference will feature many thought-provoking programs, including:

  • Exploring the importance of Zionism. A look at how StandWithUs is educating about the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism on college campuses and beyond.

  • Workshops and discussions on how to counter online hate in mainstream media and social media.

  • An in-depth conversation about the rise in global antisemitism and what we can do to combat it.

  • A real-time update on Israel’s peace deals with its neighbors through the Abraham Accords, led by distinguished voices on the ground.

  • Engaging and activating Zionist faculty on campus.

  • We will have workshops ranging from understanding and unpacking the anti-Israel movement to exploring and celebrating Jewish diversity. We will hear from experts that will discuss improving your debate skills, standing up to online hate, and so much more. Keep reading to get a closer look at what this conference will offer!​


Both High School and Campus participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Select their own breakout session based on their knowledge level and leadership experience.

  • Gain intimate access to prominent leaders and experts in the field.

  • Identify the challenges they might face and learn how StandWithUs can help them combat antisemitism in their schools.

  • Explore the opportunities they have to engage and educate their peers, and cultivate the tools and skills needed to succeed.

  • Learn about their legal rights on social media and how they can use their digital platforms to amplify their voices and make an impact.

  • Interact with partner organizations and learn about the resources and opportunities available to them.

  • And more!

After the conference, both high school and campus participants will feel empowered and ready to bring back what they learned to their schools. They’ll leave with newfound confidence and a network of other pro-Israel student leaders around the world.

Community participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about antisemitism and the challenge of ethnic studies in high schools.

  • Hear from college student leaders about how they’re standing up to hate on campus.

  • Experience our innovative middle school curriculum and how we are inspiring middle school educators and students.

  • Enhance their activism skills like utilizing social media to combat online hate.

  • Learn about the work of Alums for Campus Fairness and get inspired by the impact they can have as alumni within their universities.

  • And more!

After the conference, community participants will feel reenergized to continue educating about Israel and fighting antisemitism. They’ll leave with newfound confidence and skills they can use in their activism. They’ll also have a better understanding of how to support family members that are in high school or on campus.

In summary, this will be a truly transformative conference that will inspire and empower all participants. We look forward to seeing you soon! 


The conference sessions will include closed captioning services. If you plan to utilize these resources or need additional resources, please email

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