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All sessions (with the exception of Live Tours) can be run virtually or as on-site presentations, subject to conditions allowing for it.



A digitally interactive, experiential, learner-centered curriculum designed for students to discover Israel through the lens of their core values, enabling them to integrate Israel into their identity-building process. Go to IsraelLINK for more information. Nine units consisting of approximately 20 hours of classes provide a scope and sequence of learning, or they can be stand-alone.


IsraelLINKConnect is an interactive, community-building, Israel educational experience bringing multiple synagogue supplementary schools together to learn in a shared digital learning space. Go to IsraelLINKConnect for more information. Program consists of five 50-minute lessons taught by IsraelLINK staff over a five-month period.


Designed for independent learners, this series was created for those who are looking for engaging Israel content that will deliver new insights and inspire dialogue; providing even the most Israel-savvy with new ways to understand the values that guide the State of Israel. Go to iLINK for more information. Three 30-minute lessons can be implemented as a school-at-home option or for independent learning and engagement. After completing all three lessons, pre-teens and teens, ages 11 to 14, have the opportunity to compete in an essay-writing contest for Amazon gift cards.

Live Tours

Jerusalem: LIVE—Jewish Quarter

Explore the ancient connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem as we walk to the Western Wall by way of the Jewish Quarter. Together, we will uncover over 2,000 years of history and share a moment of prayer and reflection at the Kotel. Notes may be sent in advance of the tour for delivery to the Western Wall during the broadcast. Duration: 1–1.25 hours

Jerusalem: LIVE—Nachlaot

Stroll through the colorful alleyways of the sixth neighborhood built outside the walls of the Old City. Comprised of 32 different and smaller neighborhoods, Nachlaot was founded by Jewish immigrants from around the world who endowed each neighborhood with their own identity. We will discover the incredible characteristics and the diverse cultures that have made Nachlaot into a haven for Haredim and hipsters alike. Duration: 1–1.25 hours

Jerusalem: LIVE—Mishkenot Sheananim

The revolutionary first neighborhood built outside the walls of the Old City: While visiting the neighborhood’s vintage windmills and original houses, we will examine the events that led up to its creation, its founding by Sir Moses Montefiore, and its critical role from the War of Independence to the Six-Day War. Duration: 1–1.25 hours

Jerusalem: LIVE—Strategic Tour

At Jerusalem's southern edge, we will examine Jerusalem's expansion post-1967, peer into Bethlehem, and understand security challenges and solutions while standing next to a section of Israel's security barrier. Not available in winter Duration: 1–1.25 hours

Gush Etzion: LIVE

Understand the historical and strategic significance and unravel some of the complicated issues of Judea and Samaria/the West Bank on a walk through the Path of the Patriarchs—the ancient road that connected southern Israel to Jerusalem. Duration: 1–1.25 hours

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