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The StandWithUs Israel Fellowship is a prestigious leadership and public diplomacy program that identifies and trains Israeli university students to become lifelong leaders and ambassadors for Israel. 


The Israel Fellowship, now in its sixteenth consecutive year, was launched in 2006 with the goal of empowering Israeli young adults to be informed, active and articulate future leaders, prepared to join the global fight against antisemitism and the BDS campaign. Thanks to our kind donors investing in the program we have, to date, graduated over 2,000 Israeli young adults. Today, it is one of the most sought-after year-long public diplomacy programs in Israel.

Former IDF soldiers, now studying at Israeli universities, move from the frontline of the military to the frontline of public diplomacy when they join the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship. The program also represents Israel’s diversity in its participants and their backgrounds. These passionate Israeli young adults, who already served their country with excellence on the battlefield and who come from every walk of Israeli life, attend lectures by experts in academia, international affairs, public diplomacy, politics, and history throughout the year. The StandWithUs Fellows learn to organize campaigns, build coalitions, understand the media and become expert public speakers. This, in turn, benefits all of us as they reach out to people around the world to battle antisemitism and represent the true face of the Jewish State.

To date, the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship has graduated 2,000 students.

Fellowship alumni are the best and the brightest and the next generation of Israeli ambassadors, adequately trained experts ready to fight antisemitism wherever it rears its ugly head. These exemplary men and women represent Israel globally via speaking tours, and graduate to positions of leadership where they become the “human face” behind the headlines as they speak about Israel. Many are later employed in high-level jobs in academia, government, business, medicine, and the media in Israel and abroad. They stay connected through the Alumni Network and help recruit future applicants.


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