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American Muslims for Palestine Is a Hate Group:

Consider the record of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP):

Anti-Jewish & Anti-Asian Racism
AMP Chairman Hatem Bazian has been widely condemned for spreading anti-Jewish and anti-Asian racism on social media:
Hatem Bazian racism.jpg
AMP Executive Director Osama Abuirshaid has promoted the antisemitic slur of dual loyalty (see video above) and dehumanized Jews on social media:
Osama Abu Irshaid antisemitism.jpeg
AMP's Executive Director attacked President Obama for "inviting Muslim homosexuals" to the White House (see video above).
Genocide Denial:
“characterizing the events of 1915 as genocide without proper investigation of these events by independent historians will... jeopardize the establishment of a just memory pertaining to these events”
AMP also hosted a keynote speaker who denies the Darfur Genocide in Sudan.
Support for Racist Terrorist Groups:
AMP's Executive Director has publicly praised and supported the racist terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas.
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