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The occasion of a b’nai mitzvah is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your connection to Israel while inspiring friends and family! Making StandWithUs a part of the coming-of-age process helps support Israel, combats antisemitism, and strengthens the future of Israel.

StandWithUs provides meaningful ways to include your love of Israel in your b’nai mitzvah project and to connect with regional StandWithUs chapters throughout the process.

Jewish students can connect with Israel through participation in a variety of StandWithUs programs, including:


  • The StandWithUs Israeli Soldiers Tour
    Kids can request to bring IDF soldiers to their community to share their experiences and what it means to defend Israel’s citizens and borders. This is a very moving and inspiring program that is particularly meaningful to young people.

  • The StandWithUs Social Media Department
    Students can participate in the conversation about Israel through inspiring films, tweets, and posts. They become better informed and share their knowledge with peers through this influential and familiar medium.

  • LINK
    This fun, interactive curriculum helps Jewish middle school students explore their personal connections to Israel. B’nai mitzvah can learn about LINK and spread inspiring information by helping their synagogue or Jewish school adopt this exciting program.

StandWithUs helps young teens connect with and support Israel at this pivotal moment in their lives.

What people are saying

about the StandWithUs b’nai mitzvah project

“The StandWithUs social media programs are so cool because that’s how my friends and I communicate, and I already know how to use these tools.”


“My son and I have had no idea what to do for his mitzvah project, so these ideas are really helpful to get him started.”


“I decided that this is the bat mitzvah project I want to do because after all the struggles with anti-Semitism, I decided it is enough and this needs to stop now.”


StandWithUs programs can motivate students to develop their own mitzvah projects and help encourage the next generation of Jewish leaders!

StandWithUs can provide educational materials and much more to inspire Jewish students.

Our short “Israel: Pocket Facts,” “Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Israel,” and “Israel’s Story” booklets are just a few options that will help students learn and share great content with friends, family, and classmates. 


StandWithUs can help kids show their ruach (spirit) with our fun, festive items, including “I ❤︎ Israel” kippot, keychains, hats, cell phone pop sockets and more!

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StandWithUs (SWU) is an international and non-partisan Israel education organization that inspires and educates people of all ages and backgrounds, challenges misinformation and fights antisemitism.

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