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The mission of StandWithUs is to inspire and educate people of all ages and backgrounds, challenge misinformation and fight antisemitism. StandWithUs has been proud to support Israel education and pro-Israel activity in Australia for many years.
StandWithUs has been working with Australian audiences, running programs for Australian students and partnering in various ways with local organizations for over a decade. From our StandWithUs Israel Education Center in Jerusalem, we actively work with gap year programs and high school trips to Israel.

We run an intensive seminars educating and empowering Australian 18-year-olds to be eloquent and active supporters of Israel when they get back home to campus.  StandWithUs Israeli Fellows – diverse, articulate, Israeli young adults – have addressed audiences across the country speaking to the reality of their everyday lives and teaching about Israel. We are proud to work with a variety of organizations and youth movements as partners.

StandWithUs has run educational presentations for schools and school trips to Israel from both Melbourne. In addition, hundreds of Australians have visited the StandWithUs Israel Education Center in Jerusalem to participate in workshops on countering antisemitism, Israel activism and to learn more about the conflict and the region in general.


I did one of your courses whilst I was on IBC back in 2018. I just want to say thank you for providing me with the structure and foundation in order to support Israel all the way in Australia. The lessons I learnt on your program I still use today! 

I even now run my own Israel advocacy program at Moriah College (Jewish school in Sydney) for Year 6 kids, based off your course you gave us back in 2018. Please keep doing what you are doing so that Israel can be represented and positively portrayed throughout the whole of the diaspora.


Thanks! Message sent.

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