The Roberta Seid Award for Courage and Leadership

The Roberta Seid Award for Courage and Leadership, in memory of Dr. Roberta Seid, is given to one outstanding StandWithUs Emerson Fellow each year who has demonstrated exemplary courage, leadership, and commitment to Israel activism on campus and beyond. Dr. Seid was our first Director of Research and Education at StandWithUs; this remarkable award is in honor of an incredible visionary who helped people of all ages stand up for Israel with impactful StandWithUs educational materials for over a decade.

  • First Place: Sivan Barashy, UC San Diego — As a StandWithUs Emerson Fellow, Sivan approached program-planning and Israel engagement thoughtfully and creatively. Through 14 unique programs, she educated her peers about Israel and recruited new members for her Israel club, Tritons for Israel. Sivan also worked tirelessly to get her campus to adopt the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism. She coordinated efforts with the 10 different schools that make up the UC San Diego system and can proudly say that this resolution passed unanimously!

  • Second Place: Rebekah Man, Kennesaw State University — Rebekah showed exemplary leadership as a StandWithUs Emerson Fellow by planning and executing almost 20 events on her campus reaching more than 600 students! She utilized every StandWithUs resource available to her, including Senior Educator Charlotte Korchak and the StandWithUs Legal Department. Rebekah also worked diligently to make her campus a safer place for Jewish students by bringing IHRA to her campus. Her campaign was adopted unanimously by her Student Government, with endorsement from the Student President and VP.

Past Award Winners


  • First Place: Jordana Schiff, McGill University — During her time as a StandWithUs Canada Emerson Fellow, Jordana ran a variety of Israel programs at McGill University, educating over 900 students! These events ranged from Save a Child’s Heart fundraisers to the StandWithUs Canada Wordswap Tour to workshops on Israel’s history and StandWithUs’ “Answering Tough Questions” program. Jordana also was one of few Jewish students who participated in the StandWithUs Canada Insight fact-finding trip to Israel with non-Jewish student leaders from across Canada.

  • Second Place: Ben Carleton, Binghamton University—Ben, our StandWithUs Emerson Fellow from Binghamton University, organized creative programs that engaged hundreds of students. In response to the 500 rocket attacks on Israel in the fall of 2020, Ben and his Israel group educated their campus community by placing 500 red flags at the center of campus. Immediately, Ben was harassed and even spit on by a handful of students who were anti-Israel. Ben worked with the StandWithUs Saidoff Legal Department to ensure he and other Zionists on campus were protected.


  • First Place: Maggie Kuck, Worcester Polytechnic Institute—As Hillel president and president of the society of female engineers, Maggie led programs that taught students of all backgrounds about Israel’s history, the IDF, Israeli humanitarian aid efforts, and, of course, engineering and tech advancements! After the horrors of the Pittsburgh massacre, Maggie organized and hosted a day-long conference dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry in collaboration with the Black Student Union, the Muslim Student Union, and the Office for Diversity/Dean of Diversity. The program engaged and impacted over 200 people and was awarded “Diversity Program of the Year” by her university.

  • Second Place: Francesca Aviv, Ryerson University—Throughout her StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship, Frankie was determined to stand up for Israel and the Jewish community, and it showed through everything she did. Aside from all of her amazing, proactive work to educate her campus about Israel, Frankie encountered various incidents of antisemitism and used them as opportunities to enlighten those around her. The Social Work Union at Ryerson took a pro-BDS stance on campus, but Frankie reached out to involved friends and taught them about the history of BDS and why the movement is so problematic. These friends used what they learned from Frankie to educate their peers. Many Social Work Union members attended Frankie’s workshop about the history of Israel and were empowered with a better understanding of Israel, the Jewish people, and antisemitism.



  • First Place: Stephanie Margolis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst—As a former StandWithUs High School Intern, Stephanie arrived at college eager to continue her activism and leadership. When she decided to run for student government vice president, she was slandered with false rumors during the campaign because she openly supported Israel. Rather than becoming dejected, Stephanie proudly stood up as a Zionist and fought back. She organized a variety of Israel education programs focusing on all sorts of topics, giving students of all backgrounds a way to connect to Israel.

The Movement Builder Award for Creativity and Impact

The Movement Builder Award for Creativity and Impact is given to one exceptional StandWithUs Emerson Fellow each year who approached and successfully implemented Israel programming with a specific and dynamic strategy. The award is named after the StandWithUs Movement Builder platform, which is designed to help student leaders map out their goals and develop an effective strategy regarding their Israel programming that will maximize their impact.

  • First Place: Ron Levy, San Jose State University — As the StandWithUs Emerson Fellow, Ron’s strategy focused on providing his peers with different opportunities and avenues to learn about and connect with Israel, from the Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival to a workshop about how to answer the toughest questions about Israel. Ron stands out not only for the impact he made on his own campus but how he supported two other campuses in their fight against antisemitism. IHRA campaigns at both De Anza Community College and Foothill College were met with tremendous resistance from the community, and detractors tried to push misinformed, antisemitic resolutions instead. Ron took the lead on organizing and mobilizing these campus communities and recruited student leaders around the country to show support virtually.  

  • Second Place: Paige Weisburg, Muhlenberg College — As the StandWithUs Emerson Fellow at Muhlenberg, Paige developed a clear strategy on how to engage her peers with Israel, planning tangible goals and then faithfully executing them. She accomplished this by creating Israel Depth Project (IDP) programs, recurring events that provided her peers with a baseline foundation and understanding of Israel's history, diversity, and current affairs. Paige completed 11 diverse cultural and political programs that impacted her peers of all backgrounds. Recognizing the importance of collaborating with other groups, she also assigned members of her group to be liaisons with other clubs and communities on campus, opening the door for successful relationship-building and collaboration.

Past Award Winners


  • First Place: Lioz Grunberger, Florida State University—Lioz effectively implemented his Israel-programming strategy on campus and was able to meet any adversity he faced. He organized a StandWithUs strategy workshop about BDS to help prepare FSU students for a possible BDS resolution and also led the front to remove FSU's student senate president from his position for his antisemitic remarks. Lioz has been spearheading these efforts with passion and dedication and has galvanized his community in such a powerful way!

  • Second Place: Shachaf Zahavy-Mittelman, Western Washington University—Shachaf started out the year with a hostile campus environment regarding Israel, but she turned it around by creating her own Israel club—Vikings Heart Israel. Through her new organization, Shachaf organized events with speakers like Neil Lazarus, facilitated a guided discussion about antisemitism with the frisbee club, and led several tabling endeavors. She strategized in the most effective way for her campus environment, all while making an immense impact on campus!


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