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The StandWithUs Campus Department gives students the power to shape their college experience by ensuring that they’re prepared, informed, supported, and empowered to make an impact for Israel and the Jewish people.



The StandWithUs Campus Department empowers student leaders to educate their campuses about Israel, address and correct misinformation about Israel, and effectively stand up to antisemitism. We offer a wide range of tailored resources including high-level workshops, consultations with in-house experts, student conferences, educational booklets and factsheets, on-call legal guidance, support in combating antisemitism, and our premier leadership programs.

While educating about Israel and combating antisemitism is at the core of our mission, our work is so much more than that. StandWithUs Campus is determined to inspire every student we meet – empowering them to be brave, to stand tall in the face of adversity, and embrace every part of their identity, including their Zionism. We are dedicated to creating a global, fortified community of student leaders who proudly share Israel’s story, stand up to hate, and inspire others to do the same.


We cultivate leaders through several tracks and programs, like the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship and the First-Year Leadership Internship (FLI). The Campus Department regularly coordinates efforts with other StandWithUs Departments - like the Legal and Research & Strategy Departments, the Center for Combating Antisemitism, and more - so that students and campus professionals get continuous, well-rounded support preemptively and responsively as needed.


The education, training, and mentorship we provide are designed to inspire action; whether students are building an educational program, fighting a BDS campaign, or working to bring IHRA to their campus, they’re confidently leading these efforts with our help every step of the way. We give students the power to shape their college experience by ensuring that they’re prepared, informed, supported, and empowered to make an impact for Israel and the Jewish people.


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Recent Accomplishments

Our Strategic Approach

We have regionally-based professionals who provide students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise they need to be strong leaders within their campus communities. We empower students to set their own goals for Israel education by assessing their campus climate and identifying gaps; through our campus resources and materials, students can facilitate educational programs and campaigns about Israel that reach hundreds of their peers. If students encounter hate or bigotry, we provide tailored support from multiple departments to help them stand up for themselves and their communities. We also work in partnership with on-campus professionals through Hillel, Chabad, faculty, and other channels to support their local efforts.

Our work on campus involves THREE main focuses:

Cultivating Leadership

We cultivate student leaders through our elite programs like the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship and First-Year Leadership Internship (FLI), as well as through individual workshops and tracks. Our training prepares students to succeed in every facet of leadership, as they learn how to facilitate rich conversations about Israel, how to lead and support their communities, and how to engage with campus stakeholders on behalf of themselves and their peers. Our leaders are woven into the fabric of campus life and work to build genuine relationships and allyships with different student communities and organizations. We empower leaders of all faiths and backgrounds to proudly share Israel’s story and their own personal connection to Israel with confidence.

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Creating Opportunities

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We help students create opportunities for education via campus events, programs, and initiatives. Students across the country have direct access to high-level workshops, print materials for distribution, discussion guides, and interactive campaigns like the StandWithUs Experiential Israel Programs. We also introduce students to in-house educators and experts, like Charlotte Korchak and Hussein Aboubakr, as well as the StandWithUs Holocaust Education Center. In light of increased antisemitism on social media, we worked with the Research & Strategy Department to create TruStory, a platform that provides students with immediate, vetted, and sourced social media content about Israel. Additionally, we recently launched Students 4 IHRA: United to Define it, a robust database of resources and content to help students educate about the IHRA definition of antisemitism and advocate for its adoption on campus.

Overcoming Challenges

If students experience antisemitism or anti-Israel bigotry, we work with them on the frontlines to confront these challenges strategically and effectively. We have deep institutional knowledge from years of working with students to combat BDS resolutions/referenda, bias in the classroom, Israel Apartheid Week, Deadly Exchange campaigns, bullying or harassment in-person or online, and other relevant challenges. StandWithUs Campus regularly coordinates with other departments – like the Research & Strategy and Legal Departments and the Center for Combating Antisemitism – to provide students and professionals with continuous, well-rounded support preemptively and responsively as needed. We especially focus on empowering students to engage with campus leaders and administrators on antisemitism, anti-Zionism, and standing in solidarity with the Jewish community.




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