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Social Media Writer and Coordinator

Jerusalem, Israel

Description & Reporting

The ‘Social Media Writer and Coordinator’ is a full-time position based in StandWithUs’ Jerusalem office. He/she reports to the Director of Digital Content/Strategy (“Supervisor”)

Key Functions & Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of the social media Writer and Coordinator include:

  • Assist in the planning, writing, and posting clear, compelling items/content on all StandWithUs social media platforms. Assist in finding potential viral items while ensuring proper audience messaging and overall messaging of the organization.

  • Post and distribute video content on relevant social and digital platforms. Proof content as required. Maintain excellence of our digital content shop while building towards overall goals.

  • Assist in the execution of the annual strategy and the day-to-day needs of the Department. Continue to expand the success of ongoing initiatives as part of our overall pro-Israel content strategy.

  • Assist and maintain relations with other organizations SWU currently works with and help create new ones.

  • Monitoring stats on campaigns to help guide content strategy.

  • Monitoring breaking news to jump on and drive people to take action.

  • Assist in the creation of original graphics and videos on social media.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required

  • Strong research and writing skills.

  • Excellent social media skills and knowledge of main platforms

  • Experienced in copywriting and content writing on social media platforms.

  • A strong background in studying and producing materials related to international affairs and Israel. News savvy.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment required.

  • Professional experience conducting public affairs-oriented outreach.

Other Requirements

English native language.


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