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Army programs


Current interns:
On this page, you will find all the information you need to plan, implement, and report about your events. 

Before Your Event Begins

Please contact your high school program coordinator to discuss the content of the program. 

CONTENT: Does your high school program coordinator need to book a flight to come and make a presentation? Are you making the presentation? What will the program look like? What is your timeline to prepare for the event? These are all questions you should discuss with you high school program coordinator before the program date. 

MONEY: If you need funding for your program, please speak with your high school program coordinator about submitting a grant request. We cannot retroactively approve grant requests, so make sure you have approval before you buy materials. Please also look into finding outside sources of funding (such as your synagogue, local federation, or JCC). Your high school program coordinator can help you explore this possibility. 

MATERIALS: If you need StandWithUs booklets or swag for your program, please give us AT LEAST two weeks’ notice so that we can ship you materials without having to rush the order. Any shipments with less than two weeks’ notice may result in our charging the institution hosting the program for expedited shipping. 

MARKETING: Create a flyer or a Facebook event. Get the word out there. Always send your high school program coordinator the link to your Facebook event or the flyer. 

During Your Program

INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Always introduce yourself at the beginning of any event you plan as a StandWithUs High School Intern. Remember: you are a StandWithUs representative in your community! 

PHOTOS: Please take AT LEAST four good pictures of the program. Action shots are great. Tell the story of what is happening at the event. We do not need photos of StandWithUs materials on tables. Don't be afraid to stage a photo if necessary. If your event is during Shabbat and you cannot take pictures, please let your high school program coordinator know in advance so that we know not to expect photos from you. 

SIGN-IN SHEETS: It is useful to have sign-in sheets to keep track of who attended your event so that you can report about numbers and can invite past attendees to future events. 

After Your Program

REPORTING: You have one week to fill out a program report to evaluate your program. Please note, if we do not receive a program report from you, we cannot reimburse you for any funding for the program. 

PICTURES: Please send at least four GOOD photos to your high school program coordinator. Please note, if we do not receive photos from you, we cannot reimburse you for any program funding. 

INVOICES: If you need money for the program, you must find an outside organization to front the money, and StandWithUs will reimburse it pending receipt of your photos, pictures, and flyer from the event. We will need an invoice from the organization that fronted the money. Please note, we cannot reimburse individuals. 

If you have any questions, contact your high school program coordinators. They would love to help you!

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