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StandWithUs High School offers two premier leadership programs for teens:

11th-12th Grade

Kenneth Leventhal High School Internship


All HS Students

Teen Leadership Council

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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The StandWithUs Kenneth Leventhal High School Internship is a year-long, college accredited program for student leaders in 11th and 12th grade who want to proactively and positively impact their local schools and communities. Leventhal Interns learn about Israel, how to effectively combat antisemitism, and cultivate leadership skills through personalized mentorship. These student leaders bring education to their peers through interactive and creative initiatives and programs. Leventhal Interns travel to Los Angeles for two leadership conferences throughout the school year. They hear from world renowned speakers, build relationships with other student leaders, and train with StandWithUs staff members. 

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Leventhal Interns:
  • Impact in their communities through civic engagement

  • Identify and address educational needs in their community through empowering initiatives and personalized mentorship

  • Raise awareness that can lead to a more inclusive society free of antisemitism and other forms of hate

  • Connect and network with impact-oriented high school student leaders from across North America, including an alumni community of over 1,000 student leaders

  • Engage with leading experts and educators at two all-expenses paid national conferences

  • Develop the skills to be an upstander on their future college campus and in their professional life

  • Grow their knowledge, explore multiple perspectives, and engage with peers on topics surrounding Israel, the Israeli-Arab conflict, the Middle East, and antisemitism

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The Teen Leadership Council (TLC) is open to all high school students and runs each semester. The program brings students together to grow their knowledge of Israel, learn how to effectively combat antisemitism, and develop leadership skills. The TLC members meet virtually 5 times during the semester with StandWithUs professional staff to cover various educational topics and engage with their peers. Students receive mentorship to create a program for their peers at their high schools, school clubs, youth groups, places of worship, or elsewhere. For example, a StandWithUs TLC participant in Los Angeles, CA held a media bias training session for their peers in their Jewish youth group. The students learned about identifying misinformation and disinformation about Israel and practiced recognizing bias in articles from multiple sources about the same topic. For students interested in the internship, this is a great way to prepare to be a strong candidate.

To learn more about TLC, fill out this interest form:

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