Executive Director of High School Affairs
Territory: North America

Miri Kornfeld, originally from Denver, Colorado, immediately found her passion for promoting Israel on college campuses when she began attending UCLA. Her involvement in Israel advocacy remained her top priority, and she became the president of Bruins for Israel, UCLA's pro-Israel organization, in her senior year. Upon graduating, Miri joined the StandWithUs team as the executive director of high school affairs in North America. Miri focuses on promoting education about Israel to high school students, providing them with the support and tools they will need to become leaders and Israel advocates on their future college campuses and in their communities.

Managing Director of High School Affairs
Territory: North America

As a freshman in college at UC Irvine, Liz Tsai observed rampant antisemitism and anti-Zionism on her campus.  As a Christian, Liz was deeply disturbed by what she observed, but didn't have the background knowledge or resources to figure out what was really true or where to look for accurate information. Liz felt a responsibility to be informed and wanted to empower others to be educated as well.  These experiences eventually led her to transfer to the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where she double majored in Jewish Studies and Bible. During these years, Liz immersed herself in pro-Israel activism as a Diamond Semester Intern for AIPAC, where she assisted AIPAC's Midwest Political Director for a year, served as the vice president of Kesher, the pro-Israel student organization on her campus, and worked as a campaign manager in Illinois.  Following college, Liz's passion shifted away from political activism to Israel education, which led her to StandWithUs in 2014. Liz truly believes that education is the road to peace. Liz lives with her husband in Redlands, California.

Adam Blue

Senior Midwest High School Coordinator
Territory: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma

Adam Blue graduated from Indiana University with his BA in history and Jewish studies, and he is currently living in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to attending university, he spent a gap year in Israel where he studied in Jerusalem, and volunteered at a boarding school near Haifa. Whether as a teen leader, the President of Hillel at Indiana University, a legislative intern with the Indianapolis JCRC, a youth advisor in Chicago, or an assistant director at BBYO Passport, Adam has repeatedly exhibited his personal commitment to experiential education, community engagement, and leadership development.

Kate Chavez

Southwest Senior High School Coordinator
Territory: Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Colorado 

Kate Chavez was born and raised in Los Angeles and went to Sonoma State University, where she earned a degree in political science. Kate has always had a passion for public service, international relations and learning about the Middle East, causing her to pursue political internships with congressmen and senators, involvement in student government on campus, and participation in trips to Israel and with pro-Israel organizations and political organizations on campus. After graduating, Kate spent a year immersing herself in Israeli society and taught English to children in Bat Yam, Israel. During that year, she fell more deeply in love with the people, culture, religion, and the country of Israel. Kate is very excited to have returned to the Southwest region to share and promote Israel education. 

Nathan Altshuler

Mid-Atlantic High School Coordinator

Territory: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia

Nathan Altshuler was born and raised on the East Coast. Following high school, Nathan moved to Israel, where he participated in the Olim L’Tavor Pilot Mechina, a pre-army preparatory program, before serving as a paratrooper in the 890th Brigade. Following his army service, Nathan became a guide and coordinator for Olim L’Tavor. He subsequently went on to work in the Ministry of Defense and then the Israeli security sector, during which time he also held a position with an NGO.  In 2018, Nathan returned to the U.S. and immediately engaged with his community through the Baltimore Jewish Council 2019 Cohort. Nathan holds a BA in communications and political marketing from the IDC Herzliya, where he also completed the Argov Honors Fellowship for Leadership and Diplomacy.   

Aviv Attia

Pacific Northwest High School Speaker
Territory: Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

Aviv Attia was born in Tel Aviv to a family of Tunisian and Iraqi descent. At age 18, Aviv began his mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces, serving in the C4I Corps (Command & Control, Communications, Computers and Information corps). Aviv also served in northern Israel along the border of Lebanon, receiving awards for his leadership and a promotion before his service ended. Following his military service, Aviv studied Government, Diplomacy, Strategy and Sustainability at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya and participated in the Rabin leadership program. In addition to his studies, Aviv took part in many student programs, most notably as a volunteer and a member of the Israeli LGBTQ Association and the StandWithUs Israeli Fellowship. As an alumnus of this fellowship, Aviv has been sent on many delegations to South Africa, Australia, and North America, to educate students about Israel and to strengthen the pro-Israel communities there. In the fall of 2018, Aviv traveled with the Israeli Soldiers Tour in the Pacific Northwestern region of the USA, where he became passionate about educating and empowering this community. StandWithUs is thrilled that Aviv has joined the team as the Pacific Northwest High School Coordinator. 

Ahron Levin

Southeast High School Coordinator

Territory: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee  

Ahron Levin was born and raised in the United States before making aliyah to Israel following a Birthright  trip, where he experienced the magic of Israel and immediately fell in love with the country. During his IDF service, Ahron was a First Sergeant in the Israeli Navy, stationed in the waters bordering Gaza. Following his IDF service, he worked in the security sector with tourist groups of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. This allowed him to travel throughout the entire state, which helped him see the true beautiful colors of Israel, all while volunteering with amazing organizations along the way.  After experiencing so much, Ahron wanted to share his love for Israel elsewhere and became a Shaliach in South Africa at Habonim Dror Summer Camp. No matter where Ahron was in the world - whether on a road trip through South Africa, backpacking through Australia or during random Uber rides in the States - Ahron realized through conversations with strangers that there is an enormous lack of factual knowledge about Israel. This led him to join StandWithUs. Ahron is excited for the opportunity to share his love for Israel with one beautiful soul at a time.

Penina Edery

Canadian High School Director

Territory: Canada

Penina Edery was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Following high school, she spent a year in Israel doing a gap year program at Bar Ilan University, where she studied as well as volunteered as a first aid responder for Magen David Adom.  After her year in Israel, she returned to Montreal and studied at Concordia University where she earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. During her time as a student at Concordia University, she was on the board of their Israel club and was active with StandWithUs as a student leader. Since her year in Israel, Penina has gone back several times on different occasions and is very passionate about Israel education and fighting antisemitism. She spent a summer working at a startup in Jerusalem in 2017 and spent the summer following her graduation learning at Aish in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. Penina is ready to share her personal knowledge of Israel based on her various experiences to empower other Canadians with the knowledge and tools they need to tell Israel's story.   

Stephanie Margolis

New England High School Coordinator

Territory: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Stephanie Margolis was introduced to StandWithUs through her involvement in BBYO and began her journey with StandWithUs as a high school intern, which launched her into the field of Israel advocacy and education. In college Stephanie majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management, as well as Judaic Studies, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  From her first day on campus, Stephanie joined UMass Student Alliance for Israel and quickly became a leader in the group, later serving as president for two years.  Stephanie continued her involvement with StandWithUs throughout college by completing the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship and going on to be the Campus Liaison in the New England Region.  This gave her the platform to teach students on other campuses as well as her own. She also spent a summer interning at the Ritz Carlton in Herzliya, Israel, where she immersed herself in Israeli culture. Stephanie is passionate about education and seeks to teach and prepare the next generation of leaders for Israel.

Jolie Davies

Tri-State High School Coordinator

Territory: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

Jolie graduated from Yeshiva University, where she studied Political Science and Art. Jolie grew up in South Florida, but her connection to Israel was cultivated by visiting her grandparents and cousins there every summer. It wasn't until Jolie decided to take a gap year and live in the Old City of Jerusalem that her connection to Israel took on a new personal meaning. She spent a year and a half learning, traveling and becoming friends with the different faces of the Old City.  By experiencing Israel's diversity, Jolie's connection deepened as she recognized Israel's complex beauty. Jolie is very excited to share her love for Israel and its people through education and leadership development.

Sarah Serfaty

Tri-State High School Assistant

Territory: Tri-State Area

Sarah Serfaty was born in California and made Aliya to Israel with her family at a young age. After four years, her family moved to Texas and then back to California.  Her community in Southern California had a very small Jewish population, and as a teenager, Sarah experienced a lot of antisemitism and anti-Zionism in person and online.  During Operation Protective Edge in 2014, Sarah realized how much misinformation exists about Israel and that she needed to get involved.  She participated in the StandWithUs High School Internship when she was a senior in high school, setting up the first ever Israel club in her public high school, and was the announced as the regional winner in the Southwest region for her excellent efforts and achievements.  Sarah now attends Yeshiva University in New York City and is pleased to be the first ever High School Tri-State Assistant for StandWithUs.

Leah Ryzenman

Midwest High School Assistant

Territory: Midwest Region

Leah Ryzenman is a pro-Israel and pro-peace activist from Columbus, OH. She is a proud alumna of the StandWithUs High School Internship, where she achieved an all-time high record of over 40 programs and was awarded Midwest Regional Winner. Leah is also involved with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, being a founding member of the AIPAC Teen Council. She has won numerous awards for her work in the pro-Israel community, such as the Columbus Twelve Torches Award and the David and Janet W. Goldsmith Teen Kavod Gadol Award. Leah has been a passionate artistic swimmer, where she has competed and placed from the local level up to the Synchro America Open and U.S. Junior Olympics. Out of the pool, she has served as the Vice President of Marketing and Member Services on the National Athlete Executive Council of Artistic Swimming, one of the highest positions an athlete can hold. Leah is committed to excellence in her academic career, becoming a National Merit Finalist. She is currently the Midwest High School Assistant and a freshman at Northwestern University, pursuing a degree at its School of Education and Social Policy.

Danielle York

Southwest High School Assistant

Territory: Southwest Region

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Danielle is the first-generation American in her Persian Jewish family. Growing up, she loved visiting family in Israel and celebrating Israeli culture. She was surrounded by a community where she never experienced antisemitism until Israel entered the conversation in her high school history class that resulted in Danielle needing to confront anti-zionist sentiment and misinformation for the first time. As a StandWithUs High School intern in the Southwest region, she learned how to articulate her passion for Israel and educate others on all the amazing aspects of the country. She now attends Santa Monica College and is the President of the Students Supporting Israel club on her campus. As the Southwest High School Assistant, she is excited to be part of the team that instilled a greater love and appreciation for Israel in her by helping teens explore their interests within Israel and forming a deeper connection to the land.


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