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Applications are now open for the Emerson Fellowship 2024/25

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About the Fellowship

The Emerson Fellowship, StandWithUs' flagship programme, invites you to be a part of Israel's success story in this life-changing experience. 


The StandWithUs UK Emerson Fellowship is a prestigious one-year programme that empowers and inspires pro-Israel student leaders at universities throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Brazil. The programme provides tools, develops professional skills and extensive, in-depth, knowledge about Israel and the Jewish people.


Selected from the top universities in the UK, student leaders form a pro-Israel network which inspires their peers and collaborates with other student groups to run effective educational events about Israel.


Through the programme, StandWithUs UK Emerson Fellows receive extensive training and mentorship, they will deepen their education and develop a unique skillset: critical thinking, public speaking, the practicalities of event-planning, investigative journalism and digital marketing - all with the professional support of qualified SWU staff.


During the programme, selected students will take part in the Emerson Fellowship International Conference, Los Angeles, U.S.A., where they will meet with their counterparts around the world.

Following the events of October 7th the campus situation has intensified and antisemitism and anti-Israel bias have reached new heights. Emerson fellows have been front and centre in countering disinformation and antisemitism regarding Israel. They have performed a vital duty and have emerged as leadership figures at this crucial junction.

The need for Emerson Fellows has never been greater to inspire and create the future of Israel advocacy on UK campuses. 

Graduates will be inducted into the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship Alumni Network, through which they will stay connected to each other and to StandWithUs while continuing their activism.

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Alumni Testimonials


Hannah Curtis

City University

The Emerson Fellowship has extended my knowledge and provided further insight into the complexities of the Middle East. The experience has truly empowered me to make a meaningful impact during these critical times through education and debunking misinformation. Being an Emerson Fellow has reinforced my commitment to Israel and equipping with invaluable tools.

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Isaac Grand


October 7th attack was a sobering reminder of the importance of tackling anti-Israel bias promoting a more coherent understanding of the conflict. Through educational initiatives, events and resources provided by StandWithUs, I was able to engage with my peers, challenge misconceptions, and foster a more balanced dialogue. StandWithUs played a crucial role in empowering me to make a pro-Israel difference on campus.

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Roopkanwal Sharma

City University

The Emerson Fellowship has provided me with the skills I needed to help set up events at my university as well as bridging connections with likeminded people across the UK. Despite the hardship following October 7th, I am glad I was able to be a part of a wider community that continues to promote peace and has provided me with a lifetime network of friends and peer

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Thomas Wilkie

University of Warwick

As a non - Jew, my knowledge of antisemitism in Britain prior to October 7th was extremely limited. Working with StandWithUs has opened my eyes to the work that needs to be done. It has been a life changing experience and one I recommend to anyone regardless of their background.



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Applications for 2024-2025 are open.

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