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Emerson Fellowship


About the Fellowship

The Emerson Fellowship, StandWithUs' flagship programme, invites you to be a part of Israel's success story in this life-changing experience. 

The StandWithUs UK Emerson Fellowship is a prestigious one-year programme that empowers and inspires pro-Israel student leaders at universities throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Brazil. The programme provides tools, develops professional skills and extensive, in-depth, knowledge about Israel and the Jewish people.

Chosen from over 150 universities, student leaders form a pro-Israel network which inspires their peers and collaborates with other student groups to run effective educational events about Israel.

Through the programme, StandWithUs UK Emerson Fellows receive extensive training and mentorship, they will deepen their education and develop a unique skillset: critical thinking, public speaking, the practicalities of event-planning, investigative journalism and digital marketing - all with the professional support of qualified SWU staff.

During the programme, students will take part in the Emerson Fellowship International Conference, Los Angeles, U.S.A., where they will meet with their counterparts around the world.

Graduates will be inducted into the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship Alumni Network, through which they will stay connected to each other and to StandWithUs while continuing their activism.

Alumni Testimonials

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Joel Chilaka

Brighton & Sussex Medical School

The Emerson Fellowship was an insightful experience. It opened my eyes to the depths of antisemitism and gave me the skills, historical knowledge and ability to tackle it. It was also great to have interesting speakers speak so freely with us on topics that were of interest to us before the fellowship.


Fabio Pavoncello

President of UCL Jewish Society

The Fellowship connected me with many different influential people, both in the UK and outside the country. I have found the strength and courage in myself to take on leadership roles.


Lior Lowy

University of Exeter

Being part of the Fellowship allowed me to befriend likeminded students from all over the country, facing the same challenges. StandWithUs is always there for us and I really feel that I can make a difference thanks to them.


Begzat Moses

President of City Israel Society

The Emerson Fellowship gave me confidence. I felt like being a part of a family. Whatever you do, there will be someone there to support you.



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Applications for 2024-2025 will open later this year.

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