Israel Creates Jobs in America

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The US-Israel relationship is based on shared values and interests, and offers direct economic benefits to the American people. 

U.S. aid to Israel creates jobs in America


  • Israel is pledged to spend all of the military aid it receives from the U.S. (roughly $3.8 billion) on products manufactured across America[1]. 

  • This spending directly supports over 20,000 jobs and indirectly supports thousands of other jobs according to estimates[2]. 

  • More than 1,000 companies in 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have signed contracts worth billions of dollars through the U.S. aid to Israel program[3].

Israeli investments create jobs in America


  • Since 1985, when the US-Israeli free trade agreement was signed, trade has grown to over $40 billion dollars annually.  Israel has become America’s 23rd largest trading partner[4].

  • Trade with Israel alone supported 254,563 American jobs between 2009 and 2014[5].

  • Many Israeli companies, including Given Imaging, Amdocs, Netafim, and BrightSource, have opened offices in the United States.

U.S.-Israel cooperation creates jobs in America


  • The Binational Science Foundation (BSF), Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD), and Binational Agricultural Research and Development Foundation (BARD) are joint projects of the U.S. and Israeli governments.

  • Their goal is to stimulate, promote, and support cooperation between American and Israeli businesses and scientists[6].

  • These organizations have helped create anywhere between 18,000 and 200,000 jobs in the U.S. depending on the estimates used[7].

Israel helps train American innovators and job creators


  • Cornell University and Israel’s Technion have joined forces to create the Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute in New York City. This new university will train the next generation of American leaders in technology and innovation[8].



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