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The Mel Hoppenheim Fund to Combat Antisemitism at Concordia


Since October 7th, antisemitism has risen at an alarming rate in our hometown of Montreal, but nowhere more than on our university campuses. As a leader in the community, Mel Hoppheim would have been deeply saddened by this situation on campus, and been unable to sit on the sidelines and not find a way to help. He always believed in the power of philanthropy as a tool to make meaningful change in people’s lives, and would be determined to use that tool as a means of creating safer spaces for Jewish students, ensuring their basic rights as students are protected.


The Mel Hoppenheim Fund to Combat Antisemitism at Concordia will directly address the isolation and intimidation Jewish students are experiencing on campus through the work of StandWithUs Canada. StandWithUs Canada is an organization that educates about, and combats antisemitism on campus. They work with, and are an important resource for Jewish students and their allies as they navigate this new campus climate. Please read below to learn more about StandWithUs Canada. 


We appreciate your consideration and support. We know that Mel would be grateful that your help will allow us to ensure the next generation of students at Concordia will be able to thrive in a safe, inclusive campus environment.

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About StandWithUs Canada

Montreal has become the most concerning city in Canada as it relates to antisemitism and the delegitimization of Israel. The Mel Hoppenheim fund will allow us to expand our resources in Montreal to provide students and community members the support they need at this time, and combat the hatred and disinformation permeating the community. 


This fund will provide support for emerging student leaders in need of professional support as they work to build campus communities that are inclusive and safe for Jewish students. It will allow us to provide them the resources they need to stand up against the antisemitism that has become all too familiar to them. With our support, students will be empowered to educate proactively, stand tall in the face of antisemitism, and execute strategies that will make clear that antisemitism is not welcome in Montreal. Our team will liaise with university administrators, work with local politicians and coordinate with supportive student groups to ensure that long-lasting changes are made to the current climate in Montreal.


Most importantly, we will not let Jewish voices be intimidated into silence. We will be behind every student as they make clear to their university that Jewish and pro-Israel voices belong on campus, despite the vocal minority doing everything they can to prove otherwise. We will support students in Montreal as they navigate the challenge of being Jewish on campus at this moment, and ensure that no matter the intimidation they might face, they are always proud.

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