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We offer a vast array of educational workshops on a series of topics, led by our engaging team of educators. Every year, 30,000 people take part in our educational programs, based at our Education Center in the heart of Jerusalem and at other locations across Israel. Workshop topics include: our Geo-Political "Israel 101" Briefing, Answering Tough Questions sessions, meetings with Israeli-Arabs to hear about their life, meeting victims of terror or with Israeli soldiers to hear about their real-life experiences, briefings on BDS or Social Media Activism or Activist workshops.
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Tours in Israel
StandWithUs offers day tours that elucidate both the rich history of Israel and also help visitors to understand the strategic threats facing Israel.
Our tour guides are articulate experts and bring a wealth of materials and resources to every tour.
To book a group tour, please email us.
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High School Programs
We believe that education starts early! 
In addition to High School programming overseas, we also have a high school program at leading schools across Israel.
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The Ambassadors Club
The StandWithUs Ambassadors Club has educated international students studying in Israel about public diplomacy and security issues affecting Israel and the greater Middle East. The Speakers Series brings experts from their respective fields, such as members of Knesset, diplomats, and entrepreneurs. Students are encouraged to ask questions freely to receive information from expert primary sources. After completing the Speakers Series, students receive a certificate of completion, accredited by StandWithUs and the IDC Herzliya. This program is run at the IDC Herzliya together with the Raphael Recanati International School and at Tel Aviv University.
Ambassadors Club Cadets
The StandWithUs Ambassadors Club: Cadets Program is designed to provide students more in-depth insight into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and gain hands-on tools to combat BDS and anti-Semitism at IDC Herzliya for Speakers Series alumni.
The Cadets Program sessions deal with important topics, such as Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict, answering tough questions, social media activism, international law and more.
Sessions are led by experts in their respective fields. Participants finish the program through completing a final campaign designed to elevate Israel in the world.

This program is run at the IDC Herzliya together with the Raphael Recanati International School.
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