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Aim: to help Israeli tour guides tackle the toughest questions about Israel!

A virtual educational conference designed to empower more than 80 Israeli tour guides, who were chosen to participate in a series of diverse lectures about Israel, from its status in the international arena and international law, to help them answer tough questions about Israel and to present their beloved Israel to the community of international tourists in a compelling way. All so that when tourism to Israel bounces back, these guides will be ready to teach about Israel more effectively than ever.



Aim: to empower Israeli athletes and competitors to represent Israel on and off the field!

The “TalkYo” conference trained athletes from Israel who participate in worldwide competitions, and gave them knowledge and tools to talk about the country they represent in their sports field. One of the athletes they trained is Avishag Samberg, who won a Bronze medal in taekwondo in the 2021 Olympics. Many other athletes also participated in the project, including holding productive conversations with StandWithUs and educating about Israel at the Olympics, and will continue to do so in so many more competitions.




Aim: Encourage the Israelis who are participating in to exchange student programs abroad to be active for Israel!

An educational conference for 60 Israeli students prior to them going on exchange trips to different countries around the world, in order to equip them with a "tool kit" that will help them deal with questions, challenges and education about Israel while they are abroad. Similar projects have been carried out in various capacities for the past 7 Fellowship years, and are always hugely successful!

TikTok With Us


Aim: to educate about Israel in the most relevant social platform for youth in the most interesting way!

The project promoted StandWithUs’ TikTok by creating videos under 3 categories – extreme sports, information about Israel, and Israel’s diversity. All of the videos contain original content and include TikTok challenges that will engage viewers. The project was lunched ahead of time due to operation "Guardian of the Walls" and the fellows contributed to the digital frontline battle led by the StandWithUs digital department! Videos in the project had reach of over 100K and StandWithUs’ TikTok currently has 106K likes!



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